Dancehall Fashion Week

Celebrating Caribbean Fashion and Culture


Dancehall Fashion Week is an annual event that celebrates the fusion of Caribbean fashion and culture. It showcases the creativity and innovation of Caribbean designers who draw inspiration from the dynamic dancehall scene. This event provides a platform for both established and emerging designers to showcase their works to a broader audience. It aims to attract fashion designers and creatives from the Caribbean, offering an immersive experience for fashion enthusiasts. The event will feature fashion collections, as well as professionals from the fashion industry, including hair and makeup artists, models, photographers, and artisans. Attendees can expect a vibrant display of fashion collections that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Dancehall in the Caribbean, with bold designs, intricate patterns, and vibrant colors gracing the runway

What To Expect

December 29th

Young Designer Showcase

December 30th

Fashion Extravaganza

Dancehall Fashion and Culture

Dancehall Queen Carlene, the Jamaican dance sensation whose electric moves made her a household name, transcended dance floors to become an iconic influencer in the realm of dancehall fashion during the 1990s. With her audacious sense of style, characterized by bold, vibrant attire, and flamboyant hairstyles, Carlene Smith became a fashion trailblazer within the dancehall community.

Her daring choices in clothing and accessories set the stage for a new era of dancehall fashion, inspiring countless artists and trendsetters who followed in her footsteps. From the colorful ensembles of Shenseea to the fierce, edgy looks of Spice, Dancehall Queen Carlene’s indelible mark on fashion continues to resonate through generations of artists, amplifying the fusion of dance and style that defines the dynamic world of dancehall.

Unleash Your Potential:

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  • Global exposure: Dancehall music and culture are renowned and celebrated worldwide. By participating in Dancehall Fashion Week, you’ll be seen by international companies, models, and renowned designers, opening doors to exciting collaborations and career opportunities.
  • Networking with industry leaders: Connect with established professionals in the fashion industry, gaining valuable insights and mentorship that can accelerate your growth.
  • Becoming part of history: Be a part of a groundbreaking event that’s shaping the future of fashion and leave your mark on the world.

Don’t miss this chance to:

  • Showcase your talent: Whether you’re a designer, model, or entrepreneur, Dancehall Fashion Week provides the perfect platform to showcase your skills and creativity to a global audience.
  • Gain valuable experience: Learn from the best in the industry and acquire the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive fashion world.
  • Become a part of a vibrant community: Connect with fellow creatives and build lasting relationships that can support you throughout your journey.

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