Dancehall Fashion Week:

December 2023 Recap

Dancehall Fashion Week (DFW) made its inaugural debut on December 30th at MECA (Marketplace Entertainment Centre for the Arts), marking a significant milestone in celebrating the vibrant dancehall culture of Jamaica. This event sets a new standard in the fusion of fashion and dancehall, emphasizing the global influence of dancehall on music, fashion, dance, and lifestyle. The infectious beats and vibrant style of dancehall have transcended borders, resonating with diverse audiences worldwide.

Dancehall Fashion Week

DFW Design Competition Winners

Meet Renae Myrie of “Aura Koutura”, our esteemed first-place winner of the DFW design competition. Renae’s innovative designs and unique aesthetic captured the essence of dancehall fashion, earning her the top spot at this prestigious event. (Insert picture of Renae Myrie here)

Christina Luke, the talented designer behind “Nvi-Us Dezyn,” secured the second-place position with her cutting-edge creations that beautifully blended dancehall influences with contemporary style. Her work showcased a fresh perspective on fashion that truly impressed both judges and the audience.

Venessa McKenzie, the creative force behind “Bulletz Fashion,” claimed the third-place title with her distinctive designs that exuded flair and originality. Venessa’s work made a lasting impression, highlighting her exceptional talent and creative vision.

Join us in celebrating these incredible designers who have made significant contributions to the fusion of dancehall and fashion, pushing the boundaries of creativity and style.

Among the talented pool of designers who participated in the DFW design competition were MAL Designs,
Goddess and Gold, Christopher Dudley, S.H.E, Stephen Burke, Amore Designs, Kwela and My Mind Designs.
These designers, along with Renae Myrie, Christina Luke, and Venessa McKenzie, contributed to the vibrant tapestry of styles at DFW, embodying the spirit of creativity and innovation that defines this groundbreaking event.


A key highlight of DFW is the homage paid to Dancehall Queen Carlene Smith, a prominent figure whose innovative style and powerful presence have profoundly shaped the dancehall culture. Smith’s influence has inspired generations of Jamaicans, reinforcing the cultural significance of dancehall in both local and global contexts. Her legacy continues to inspire the creativity and dynamism that define the dancehall scene.

The DFW design competition showcased the remarkable talents of emerging designers, providing them with a platform to display their creativity and skills. This competition enriches Jamaica’s cultural tapestry and highlights the innovative spirit within the dancehall fashion community. Looking ahead, the next DFW event on December 28th promises to continue celebrating the unique blend of dancehall and fashion, embracing creativity, diversity, and the rich cultural heritage that make Jamaica exceptional.


DECEMBER 28, 2024