Feel the vibrant spirit of dancehall like never before! Similar to the exhilarating Carnival experience, our Dancehall Road March invites you to hit the streets in style, adorned in iconic costumes inspired by none other than Carlene Smith herself. Picture yourself in the dazzling gold ensemble she rocked in the legendary Chaka Demas and Pliers “Murder she Wrote” video!
Get ready to groove to the beat as Kingston comes alive with the pulsating energy of the inaugural Dancehall Road March! In an electrifying collaboration between Whirlwind Entertainment International and the iconic Dancehall Queen, Carlene Smith, this event promises to be a game-changer for dancehall music enthusiasts.
Become part of the action in the three electrifying outfit categories: “Slam,” “Slow Wine,” and “Bumper” – familiar terms that resonate with every dancehall lover. Join the parade and dance your heart out alongside three music trucks, amplifying the infectious beats that define the dancehall scene.

Join us in celebrating the essence of dancehall – where rhythm meets revolution, and the streets of Kingston become the ultimate dance floor. Get ready to march, groove, and make history at the Dancehall Road March!


Police Officers Club
Girls Guide (Rest Stop)

See Map Below for Directions